Looking for free php web hosting? Then you have to read this article. We will discuss how you can find the best one.

The Increase In Popularity

Since the first invention 1994, PHP has been grown in popularity. Unlike the usual static html language, php language can do many things that will put html into a shame. One of those capabilities is the ability to create and update dynamic website, this is something I like about php.

Using this feature you can update all pages instantly, can you imagine if you need to update 1000 pages using static html website? That would be a burden when you can spend your time into something more useful such as growing your business or selling your products.

Technical Support

One thing I hate about free service is the technical support usually very lousy to response your needs. It might take 5 to 7 days to get reply. Now if your website crash and you need to wait 5 days before your website up again, do you know how much visitors that you lose? However, there are few free php best web hosting canada that truly have top notch technical support, so you may want to test yourself the speed of technical support in answering your questions back.

Banner Ads

This is another thing I don’t like with free service. Generally, all of those free php web hosting services full of banner ads to cover their cost, and this can be quite distraction if you sell something through your website or trying to make money from internet marketing program such as Google AdSense.

However, there are very few companies that able to provide free banner ads hosting service, because they have such a large numbers of customers. Their free php hosting service is only a sample product to introduce their service. You want to find this kind of company, because usually the free php hosting service provided by this company is very good.