Hotspot Shield Elite VPN review – April 2019

HotSpot Shield is an easy-to-use VPN that might appeal to more casual users. Its lightweight clients focus on geo-blocking and always-on protection for open networks. They offer a time-493181-hotspot-shield-elite-topunlimited free version, but has limited use due to its heavy restrictions.

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN review – Pricing & Plans

Hotspot Shield comes in two flavors Elite and Free. Free version has ads, while Elite is ad-free. You can pay via PayPal and credit card. According to a Hotspot Shield canadian vpn it has a variety of pricing ranging from $11.95 to $49.95 for a two-year license. On signup, you get one day of Elite usage completely free. It has 16 servers worldwide and just nine for Mac users, and only three are available for kindle services.


Besides securing your traffic, Hotspot shield can also warn you whenever you land on a phishing or suspected malicious website. Hotspot also boasts of malware detection, and protects you from dangerous software.

In addition to offering servers in the US, elite users can also connect to servers in 17 other countries. You can simultaneously connect up to five devices HotspotShieldElitefrom an Elite account at any time.

Security & Privacy

Hotspot Shield guarantees your privacy and does not collect, store or shares data or permanent identifiers of its users.

The website

The Hotspot shield website is well-presented and easy to use. There is a regularly updated blog that is linked to their main website and focuses mainly on guides to unlock all geo-restricted content. You will find many promotional codes in some blog pots offering liberal discounts to new users and genuinely helpful instructions.


We can state in this Hotspot Shield Elite VPN review that company offers solid support through phone, email, and forum. There is a searchable knowledge base with an option to submit direct request to ask a question or support on the Forum.

AnchorFree offers clients for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. You’ll love clean, simple interface. It is easy to use and ensures good speeds and reliable connections. The company focuses on always-on protection. You have wide variety of countries to choose from and you get best service at affordable price.

OverPlay review 2016

Overplay is one of the most reliable and innovative VPN providers on the market today. They offer fastest VPN service and their strength lies in a robust cluster of servers located across 48 OverplayVPNcountries located all across the world. This gives them a competitive edge as they can easily provide faster surfing speeds due to local presence.

OverPlay review – Pricing

The first thing that might impress you about Overplay is the sheer simplicity of their website. The language, information and requirements have been kept simple. The services have been divided into two main categories: Global VPN and SmartDNS. Both these versions are easy to use and there’s no need to get into technical detail. Overplay has kept user experience simple and have not compromised on security. Their products are affordable and simple and you have an option for recurring payments.

Software Packages & Pricing

Their basic package comes at $4.95 per month and does not require any software to download. It works like a VPN service without any loss of speed. You just have to make minimal DNS changes and can browse without any limits. A recent OverPlay review in Bestvpn.com says that it is very useful for people living in the countries where websites/content is blocked. It’s compatible with all operating systems and various web linked devices such as PS3, 360, and XBOX to name a few.overplay-smartdns-logo-20153

Global VPN

Global VPN is priced at $9.95 and also has a robust local presence. This package comes with all features of SmartDNS. There are no bandwidth
restrictions and service enables users to encrypt and secure their traffic. If you want to access just video websites and streaming audio, then SmartDNS is the best solution for you. However, if you need encrypted access to all protocols and websites then GlobalVPN is the best choice.

Technical and Customer Support

As per recent OverPlay review, it is supported by a dedicated 24/7 online chat support. Before you can use chat window, you need to fill up your personal details with the exact question you have.


All Overplay servers are encrypted with an 128-bit CLBC-Blowfish. They also have L2TP, PPTP, IPSec and MPPE encryptions. You get both non-encrypted and encrypted VNP profiles based on your request. In standard subscription you get access to all servers.

Overplay offers optimum services at most affordable rates. They offer full control to users and this has helped them create a world class VPN service that can easily compete with big brands.

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