If you are moving abroad to South America to live in Argentina and are interested in renting a place to live in then you should familiarize your self with the types of rental accommodations that are available as there are some choices, such as residencias, that are not common to most countries. You will also need to sign a rental contract when you find an acceptable place that you would like to rent and the rental contracts are likely to have different terms than what you are used to, especially if you are used to renting in the United States.

Besides staying in a hotel, which can be rather expensive after a while, other choices for rental housing in Argentina includes apartments, home stays and residencias. Residencias are popular rental choices among students and other young people. Residencias are the cheapest rental choice in Argentina. The closest thing to a residencia in Europe or the United States is a hostel. The main difference is that residencias are for longer term stays than hostels typically are. Home stays can be in either apartments or houses. With a home stay you will be staying in a home along with the family that lives there full time. This is a great option if you are interested in total immersion in the language and culture of Argentina. And apartments are just like they are in any other country.

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Typically the minimum rental period for contracts signed for an apartment in Argentina is two years. If you need something a bit more short term you can find that as well, although at a higher cost. Most real estate agencies have furnished apartment rentals that are available for short term rental contracts. Usually you will need to reserve these online and pay with a credit card. Rental contracts can also extend up to 10 years in duration.

There is a standard clause in all rental contracts in Argentina that states if you do not pay then you are immediately kicked out of the apartment. Note that regardless of what is in a rental contract it is against the law in Argentina for a landlord to collect more than one month of rent in advance. Also remember that the law states that the security deposit cannot exceed one month of rent for each year of the contract.

You can expect for rental contracts in Argentina to contain the following: name, nationality and identification of the landlord and tenant, the address of the rental unit, the condition of the apartment and any furnishings, the fines if caught subletting, the exact amount of rent and conditions of payment, the afore mentioned eviction clause, the period of the rental contract, an agreement not to make any adjustments to the apartment, utility and maintenance expenses, the security deposit info, a dispute clause and signatures of both parties.