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Ranking TOP Mejores Aplicaciones para hackear wifi

Todos hemos estado en una situación casi de desespero por no contar con internet en casa y alrededor toparnos con montones de redes bloqueadas que podrían ser la solución a nuestros problemas pero los vecinos no son muy receptivos que se digan.

Y admitámoslo, llegado ese momento todos hemos querido hallar una manera de ingresar a estas redes de alguna forma u otra, muchas veces sin éxito, lo cual nos he llevado a la frustración y hasta a desear que se le vaya el internet al vecino para que no lo siga disfrutando.

En vista de esto muchos han querido encontrar la manera de ingresar de anónimamente a estas redes y vaya que han puesto todo su ingenio en ello. De esta manera, han podido crearse herramientas que pueden lograr descifrar esa contraseña que tanto queremos.

Si este es tu caso has llegado al lugar indicado, puesto que hoy traemos una lista corta pero útil con las mejores aplicaciones para hackear wifi disponibles en la Play Store de Google y que pueden hacer que logres acceder de manera secreta al wifi de tu vecino.


  1. WPSApp

Para conectarse a una red protegida con contraseña la misma tiene que cumplir ciertos parámetros. En este caso, WPSApp es una excelente vía para lograr el acceso a la red protegida siempre y cuando la misma tenga cifrado WPS, de otra manera no podrá conectar.

Cuando uses la aplicación te toparás con la lista de redes al alcance del dispositivo. Solo las redes marcadas en verde serán aptas para descifrar la contraseña. Una vez escogida la red la seleccionamos y pulsamos la opción conectar con PIN (Root) Y conectar con PIN (no Root).

  1. Router Keygen

De las aplicaciones más conocidas en este mundo del hackeo es Router Keygen. La app que ya lleva largo rato en la Play Store ha ido evolucionando poco a poco hasta convertirse en una herramienta muy útil para descifrar contraseñas wifi.

Router Keygen permite descifrar las contraseñas wifi de dispositivos a los que no se les hayan modificado su clave original. Para facilitar el proceso, la app divide las redes entre las que son aptas y las que no.

  1. WPS Connect

Como vimos en el primer puesto de esta lista, los routers con cifrado WPS son los más vulnerables a ser hackeados mediante el uso de estas aplicaciones. Esta desventaja es bien aprovechada por WPS Connect, quizá la aplicación más fácil y práctica de usar para este fin.

 WPS Connect separa la lista de las redes que pueden ser conectadas de las que no. Funciona muy similar a WPSApp y no requiere de aplicaciones extras o de realizar otro procedimiento.

  1. WiFi Tester

Si todas las redes alrededor de tu casa están protegidas por protocolo WPA en lugar de WPS y las aplicaciones anteriores no han resultado, tranquilo, aún hay una solución y se llama WiFi Tester.

WiFi Tester es capaz de conectarse a una mayor cantidad de redes que otras aplicaciones de su tipo. Así que si te topas con redes WPA y necesitas acceder a internet, esta app te ayudará de manera fácil y segura.

Want to view US Netflix in the comfort of your residence in the UK?

Using a VPN, it is possible to access US Netflix content around the globe, and stream it upon I-phone your I-pad or Mac.

Over the pond our buddies get more movies and shows, and get programmes and the newest films a long time before before they get to Blighty.

There’s a way around it, although, in the event that you are ready to to interrupt Netflix’s terms and circumstances (we’ll explain more on this below).

Whatever you need to do to view US Netflix content is in to thinking you’re in the US, trick Netflix. As it turns out simple to do, this is.

Plus, AmericaN Netflix continues to be blocking several VPN solutions which signifies you might operate in to mo Re difficulty than you utilized to accessing US Netflix. Free VPNs like Hola utilized to be the most well-known method of viewing US Netflix in the UK but it’s now required in the event that you if you wish to to stay attached to to US Netflix to spend to get a VPN support.

When it is lawful or maybe not to use a VPN differs depending on nearby regulations, and is mo Re of a grey-area, but it really is tough to to assume anybody pursuing an instance for copyright-infringement.

Assuming you are happy to continue, having read this, here is the way you view US Netflix content in your Apple gadgets in the UK.

The best way to use a VPN to view US Netflix

Netflix provides a service that is various based up on where you are presently situated. Netflix screens your Internet Protocol Address (Web Proto-Col) tackle to decide where you’re.

Netflix must strike deals that are different using the Television organizations for every single location, and generally the US edition of Netflix features a significantly better assortment of shows and movies.

The great information is since your account is global, it’s fairly effortless to observe US Netflix in the UK. In the event that you actually visit the US it is possible to watch your UK account being used by US Netflix. And that means you only have to trick Netflix in to considering if you are in the UK, you are in the US.

It is possible to sign into Netflix utilizing your UK account details in the event that you have actually visited the US, and you’re going to notice that each of the content that is new is obtainable for you. This is as you fundamentally have a global license but the content is delivered by it based in your location.

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Netflix understands where you’re by examining your ip address (Web Proto-Col) Tackle. This can be when it goes onto the web, an original number that’s assigned to your own computer. The internet protocol address is the way the internet understands to route which webpages (and other info) to which pc. It’s possible for you to find your ipaddress by opening Safari and typing Internet Protocol Address to the Smart Lookup Area (Google will exhibit your own ip over the google-search outcomes).

S O that Netflix thinks you are in America, the secret will be to change your ipaddress. By registering with a VPN, you do this.

Virtual-Private-Network, or a VPN, operates just like a second internet sitting between you as well as the web that is greater, your pc connects. It is asked by you for the web site, it sends the internet site for you. You want one that is centered in the U S A, although the VPN it self could be based anyplace. Netflix thinks it really is chatting to some computer inside the U S A, and the VPN foretells Netflix, as well as the display is passed by the VPN on for you.

You you may not require it when logging on to your online-banking, for instance, if the VPN organization actually is un-trustworthy and you could endure badly.

There are some that we trust and would recommend, though, like ExpressVPN NordVPN and Buffered.

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Watch US Netflix on NordVPN being used by Mac
NordVPN is our choose of the finest VPN service together with the most secure relationship, great client support and over all program that is good.

Open Firefox and visit the internet site of NordVPN.

Click select your strategy and Get VPN. Create your account and create a payment to finish the sign- .
Open log-in and the application, then click Listing.
Once related, you ought to visit a pin that is green on the map as well as the power icon on the swap on top of the application needs to be green.
Now search to and log-in to accessibility US Netflix and observe as regular.
Am I able to watch US Netflix on I-phone & my I-pad?
It’s! It’s possible for you to find out which applications we might recommend in our most readily useful VPN for I-pad and I-phone post by clicking here. Signing up to one of the solutions mentioned above such as ExpressVPN NordVPN or Buffered I-pad also and will cover your I-phone, whatever you should do is obtain your VPN’s app that is plumped for on log-in and your phone or tablet.

OverPlay review 2016

Overplay is one of the most reliable and innovative VPN providers on the market today. They offer fastest VPN service and their strength lies in a robust cluster of servers located across 48 OverplayVPNcountries located all across the world. This gives them a competitive edge as they can easily provide faster surfing speeds due to local presence.

OverPlay review – Pricing

The first thing that might impress you about Overplay is the sheer simplicity of their website. The language, information and requirements have been kept simple. The services have been divided into two main categories: Global VPN and SmartDNS. Both these versions are easy to use and there’s no need to get into technical detail. Overplay has kept user experience simple and have not compromised on security. Their products are affordable and simple and you have an option for recurring payments.

Software Packages & Pricing

Their basic package comes at $4.95 per month and does not require any software to download. It works like a VPN service without any loss of speed. You just have to make minimal DNS changes and can browse without any limits. A recent OverPlay review in says that it is very useful for people living in the countries where websites/content is blocked. It’s compatible with all operating systems and various web linked devices such as PS3, 360, and XBOX to name a few.overplay-smartdns-logo-20153

Global VPN

Global VPN is priced at $9.95 and also has a robust local presence. This package comes with all features of SmartDNS. There are no bandwidth
restrictions and service enables users to encrypt and secure their traffic. If you want to access just video websites and streaming audio, then SmartDNS is the best solution for you. However, if you need encrypted access to all protocols and websites then GlobalVPN is the best choice.

Technical and Customer Support

As per recent OverPlay review, it is supported by a dedicated 24/7 online chat support. Before you can use chat window, you need to fill up your personal details with the exact question you have.


All Overplay servers are encrypted with an 128-bit CLBC-Blowfish. They also have L2TP, PPTP, IPSec and MPPE encryptions. You get both non-encrypted and encrypted VNP profiles based on your request. In standard subscription you get access to all servers.

Overplay offers optimum services at most affordable rates. They offer full control to users and this has helped them create a world class VPN service that can easily compete with big brands.

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