If you need to add an advertiser to your site, it will take a few steps. You will need to get a digital ad from your client (the person who wants to advertise) that is in .jpg or .gif format. Their ad needs to be within the correct dimensions for your template and module area so it does not break the layout of the page.
1. Log in to www.yoursitename.com/administrator

2. Along the row of menus at the top of the page, choose “site”

3. Choose “media manager” from the drop down menu.

4. When the media manager loads, use the drop down menu at the top left that says “directory” to choose ” /banners “

5. Use the “browse button” at the top right to choose the ad file from your computer – once you click the right file, click open

6. At the top of the media manager page, click the “upload” button

7. Now that you have uploaded the file, choose “components” from the row of menus across the top.

8. Click “Banners”, and then click “manage clients” in the menu that pops out to the side.

9. Click the “new button” at the top of the page that loads.

10. Fill out the information for your ad client – if you sold them a certain time period for their ad to run instead of a number of clicks, you’ll want to check “Unlimited” for amount of clicks. You can turn the ad off at any time by clicking the icon in the “published” column next to it in the list of banner clients, changing the icon to a red x.

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11. Click the disk icon at the top to save the client information.

12. Now, choose “components” from the menus along the top.

13. Choose “banners” again from the drop down menu.

14. This time choose “manage banners” from the menu that pops out to the side.

15. Click the “new button” at the top of the page.

16. Fill out the banner titles.

17. Choose the client from the drop down menu.

18. Enter the web address that is supposed to be seen when someone clicks the ad. For example, http://www.yourclientssitename.com

19. Choose the ad file from the drop down menu titled “Banner image selected”

20. Click “save” to save the information.

21. When the page returns to a list of banners, make sure the banner you saved shows up in the list. Under the column that says “Published” in the middle of the page, make sure there is not a red x. If there is a red x, click it to turn the banner on.